Three Key Election Policies

On 12 November The Age ran a story Victorian state election 2014: record number of parties in which they asked each party for its top three election policies. These are the three policies we put forward.

(1) State government commitment to double the cycling participation rate within three years (with annual Victorian Auditor-General’s Office report).

Why? Adherence to an agreed target will underpin cycling-related improvements to our State.

(2) Reinstitute cycling funding to VicRoads with mandate to ensure consideration of non-motorised road users in all road maintenance and road construction projects. Expedite delivery of numerous previously promised or under-consideration cycling infrastructure projects such as the Gipps St steps, Princes Bridge outbound lanes, St Kilda Rd separated bike lanes and the North-East Bicycle Corridor.

Why? The health and well-being benefits to our State far exceed the costs of cycling- related infrastructure. We presently spend over $700 per person per annum on roads yet only $4.60 per person per annum on cycling infrastructure. We believe that figure should be closer to $20 per person.


(3) “RESPECT” – a broad scale education, communication and advertising campaign to improve attitudes between road users, especially towards vulnerable road users.

Why? Safety is a major reason people do not ride. With a growing population and a finite amount of space road users must respect all people who share the roads.

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