The Wheely Simple Answer to Improved Academic Performance: Ride Your Bike to School

As Governments across the country search for ways to improve the performance of students across the nation, the answer might be as simple as riding your bike to school, says Australian Cyclists Party candidate Marcus Barber.

Research published recently in Pediatrics, a leading medical journal has shown conclusively the causal link between exercise programs and improved brain function and cognitive health. Professor Charles Hillman says that: ‘Physical activity for kids is a high, high yield investment … especially for those attentive or hyperactive (kids).’ Another study showed that less than half an hour of exercise a day allayed ADHD symptoms leading to improved school performance.

So a 10-minute bike ride to school is the easy solution. The question is why more kids don’t already ride their bikes? Chat to any parent at school pick up or drop off and the answer is: ‘road safety’. For the majority of parents, the lack of suitable bike lanes or areas to slow traffic is perceived as too great a risk for their kids.

Given the clear benefits, the Australian Cyclists Party believe riding a bike to school is a win for health, for education and our kids. The question now is – what are you going to do to make it happen?

Marcus Barber


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