Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason -

The Australian Cyclists Party will contest the next Federal Election by supporting the Reason Movement and its forthcoming application as a federal party.

Chaotic conditions in Canberra, changes to electoral laws and the need for a rational and unencumbered voice in politics means it is time for like-minded parties to band together to maximise our chances for electoral success through a new,

Today’s AGM -

If you can’t make it to the AGM today, click on to participate online. You will need to have a Google account to login.  Once you get started, click on the camera icon to turn off your camera (to save bandwidth).

City of Yarra elections – Nicholls Ward -

Troy Parsons

ACP member Troy Parsons is standing as a candidate for Nicholls ward in the City of Yarra council election on 22nd October 2016.



JOIN THE POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… to celebrate unity in diversity. This Sunday 1 May, 2pm at Martin Place, Sydney.

25% of Australians do not vote for a major party, yet if the new senate election voting system is upheld in court then that’s all you get as your voting option.

The left and right minor political parties have united to protect your democratic right to vote for a minor party – of any persuasion. To find out more visit – an alliance representing 3 million voices who vote for the minor parties at federal elections.

On 2 May, the recent electoral voting changes are being challenged in the High Court of Australia, as unconstitutional.

This Sunday 1 May a rally is being held in Sydney, Martin Place at 2pm in support of this High Court Challenge. It is the “Hands off Our Senate Rally” and I urge you to join me, and supporters of the 20+ minor parties who will become extinct in future elections, to object to this undemocratic, un-representative, unconstitutional change to our vote for representatives of the Senate. Your attendance at the rally will support the High Court Challenge.


Cancel your golf or bike ride or long lunch – meet at Martin Place for a POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… celebrate unity in diversity.

IMAGES BELOW –  are photos captured at previous events, including cycling demonstration rides and protests.

We do also promote our cycling and political alliances’ events, so check out our social media community events and strava cycling community. We’d love you to get involved.

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Australian Cyclists Party

Our Vision: We believe that cycling can serve to liberate and inspire. It is a positive and powerful force for improving the health and well-being of individuals, our communities and our nation.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party2 days ago
UK: meeting cycling targets would save thousands of deaths caused by air pollution.

"The new findings reiterate that walking and cycling have a huge role to play in tackling the air quality crisis that causes tens of thousands of premature deaths every year."

According to this, "45% of [fine particle air pollution / PM2.5] comes from car tyre and brake wear" which does not sound healthy. Electric vehicles will reduce brake pad wear with regenerative braking, but to reduce this dust properly will require reducing use of cars.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party5 days ago
SA: at one time: "Adelaide's first tram network was highly profitable and an engineering feat to be proud of...But the enviable web of public transport options didn't last long." Why were the tram tracks ripped up? An oil industry conspiracy, or just a bad decision?
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party6 days ago
VIC: the new toll road through Melbourne will be clogged up soon, amazingly enough. A big new motorway will then be required, soaking up more billions. Wouldn't it make more sense just to use these funds for cycleways and rail in the first place?
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party1 week ago
UK: bike lanes don't clog up roads; they keep people moving. "Just two weeks after opening, the east-west and north-south cycle superhighway roads were moving 5% more people per hour than they could without cycle lanes" and the number is growing.

A 3.5m lane can carry either 14,000 people on bikes or about 2,000 people in cars per hour. (via
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party1 week ago
Spain: imagine if we could have this here: 20 km/h speed limits, road markings for bicycles, planter boxes as per Barcelona. It's an "efficient solution to making cities for humans, not cars"
via Alberto Cantor / Twitter
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party shared City of Sydney's post.1 week ago
NSW: how do you convert an unpleasant noisy polluted street into a beautiful street that will have people flocking to it? Answer: