Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason -

The Australian Cyclists Party will contest the next Federal Election by supporting the Reason Movement and its forthcoming application as a federal party.

Chaotic conditions in Canberra, changes to electoral laws and the need for a rational and unencumbered voice in politics means it is time for like-minded parties to band together to maximise our chances for electoral success through a new,

Today’s AGM -

If you can’t make it to the AGM today, click on to participate online. You will need to have a Google account to login.  Once you get started, click on the camera icon to turn off your camera (to save bandwidth).

City of Yarra elections – Nicholls Ward -

Troy Parsons

ACP member Troy Parsons is standing as a candidate for Nicholls ward in the City of Yarra council election on 22nd October 2016.



JOIN THE POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… to celebrate unity in diversity. This Sunday 1 May, 2pm at Martin Place, Sydney.

25% of Australians do not vote for a major party, yet if the new senate election voting system is upheld in court then that’s all you get as your voting option.

The left and right minor political parties have united to protect your democratic right to vote for a minor party – of any persuasion. To find out more visit – an alliance representing 3 million voices who vote for the minor parties at federal elections.

On 2 May, the recent electoral voting changes are being challenged in the High Court of Australia, as unconstitutional.

This Sunday 1 May a rally is being held in Sydney, Martin Place at 2pm in support of this High Court Challenge. It is the “Hands off Our Senate Rally” and I urge you to join me, and supporters of the 20+ minor parties who will become extinct in future elections, to object to this undemocratic, un-representative, unconstitutional change to our vote for representatives of the Senate. Your attendance at the rally will support the High Court Challenge.


Cancel your golf or bike ride or long lunch – meet at Martin Place for a POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… celebrate unity in diversity.

IMAGES BELOW –  are photos captured at previous events, including cycling demonstration rides and protests.

We do also promote our cycling and political alliances’ events, so check out our social media community events and strava cycling community. We’d love you to get involved.

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Australian Cyclists Party

Our Vision: We believe that cycling can serve to liberate and inspire. It is a positive and powerful force for improving the health and well-being of individuals, our communities and our nation.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party10 ago
Have you been tempted to buy an e-bike? There are a lot of great reasons to get one.

"Instead of a second car, Sally McGeoch's family of four bought a cargo e-bike three years ago" They use it to drop their kids to school and then get to work.

"It was about $3500 but we've used it almost every day since and it's paid for itself," she says."
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party3 days ago
Today's capitulation on the Renewable Energy Target looks to ensure that Australia will not meet its emission commitment made in Paris. And transport will be a big reason why.

In brief, today's decision as stated by the PM means that each sector that contributes to CO2 output will now have to each carry their portion of the reduction. It had been argued that energy emissions would focus on the lowest cost way to reduce emissions and therefore unburden other sectors - and specifically the transport sector - from doing its share. The energy sector was assumed to be the one that would fulfil this role.

No longer.

As the graph we used at the last election clearly points out, by the government's own figures Australia is nowhere near to lowering its transport emissions. Quite the contrary, they are growing at an accelerating rate - fuelled by the government's own preoccupation on road building.

So, as it appears today, the Government is playing the shell game hoping that we won't be following the emission reduction promise and where it comes from. Because - unless they completely revise their transport priorities - it just isn't going to happen.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party5 days ago
UK: Oxford to ban burning of fossil fuels by transport in the city centre in about 2 years time. Going for a ride there will be much more pleasant.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party6 days ago
The obesity epidemic spreads...

We can't control diets, but we can boost physical activity with good urban and transport design.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party7 days ago
NZ:"Cars are to us what guns are to Americans"

After the latest mass shooting, most people here will be frustrated with the lack of action. But despite the number killed on roads, and by its air pollution, authorities accept this.

"Transport authorities have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support Skypath, a crucial walking and cycling link across the Auckland Harbour Bridge, despite the fact that it costs peanuts.

At the same time, billions of dollars are spent on "roads of national significance" after perfunctory cost-benefit analyses and minimal scrutiny"

Sounds about the same as here. Read this opinion piece!
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party shared CAW - Cyclists Against Westconnex's post.1 week ago
Are our streets designed with the safety of people in mind, or are they simply designed to make more cars go faster?

"We cared more about prioritizing automobile travel. We didn’t think about other people on the road and we didn’t design for them...

Mostly people who don’t own a car: transit users, pedestrians, children walking to school, people bicycling, seniors that don’t have access to a car. We’ve created a dangerous environment for them...

I think a lot of people don’t think about these issues... I think there’s a civil rights element here that again hasn’t been taken seriously."