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City of Yarra elections – Nicholls Ward -

Troy Parsons

ACP member Troy Parsons is standing as a candidate for Nicholls ward in the City of Yarra council election on 22nd October 2016.

Election 16 Media Release -

Media Release

Embargo: 12:01 AM 2 June 2016

Science Party and Australian Cyclists Party in Election Coalition

Today the Science Party and the Australian Cyclists Party announce they are forming a coalition to contest the upcoming Federal election.  Both parties have come together to press for changes in priorities across issues that other parties are ignoring or failing to address adequately.  



JOIN THE POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… to celebrate unity in diversity. This Sunday 1 May, 2pm at Martin Place, Sydney.

25% of Australians do not vote for a major party, yet if the new senate election voting system is upheld in court then that’s all you get as your voting option.

The left and right minor political parties have united to protect your democratic right to vote for a minor party – of any persuasion. To find out more visit – an alliance representing 3 million voices who vote for the minor parties at federal elections.

On 2 May, the recent electoral voting changes are being challenged in the High Court of Australia, as unconstitutional.

This Sunday 1 May a rally is being held in Sydney, Martin Place at 2pm in support of this High Court Challenge. It is the “Hands off Our Senate Rally” and I urge you to join me, and supporters of the 20+ minor parties who will become extinct in future elections, to object to this undemocratic, un-representative, unconstitutional change to our vote for representatives of the Senate. Your attendance at the rally will support the High Court Challenge.


Cancel your golf or bike ride or long lunch – meet at Martin Place for a POLITICAL MARDI GRAS… celebrate unity in diversity.

IMAGES BELOW –  are photos captured at previous events, including cycling demonstration rides and protests.

We do also promote our cycling and political alliances’ events, so check out our social media community events and strava cycling community. We’d love you to get involved.

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Australian Cyclists Party

Our Vision: We believe that cycling can serve to liberate and inspire. It is a positive and powerful force for improving the health and well-being of individuals, our communities and our nation.
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party4 hours ago
UK: Time spent frail in old age 'doubles' - is this in part due to physical activity being engineered out of our lives? Keep riding; it's an investment!
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party shared BIKESydney's post.2 days ago
Cars, bicycles and the fatal myth of equal reciprocity:

“If we think of the road in this way, it seems reasonable that all cyclists have to do to “earn the respect” of drivers is to conspicuously obey the road rules and not complain too much when “equal” penalties are applied. Many cyclists feel this way. For me, however, they are suffering the lycra equivalent of Stockholm syndrome.”
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party shared STOP Western Harbour and Beaches Motorways's post.2 days ago
The Netherlands: in this video, an 800 year old canal, which was replaced by a main road, has been restored to a canal again. It shows how high efficiency modes like cycling will enable high quality green space.

Seeing footage of cars choking Utrecht is amazing given the recent opening of a huge bike parking garage.

Who will be more "future proof"? Cities ripping out the roads, or those who put more in?

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Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party3 days ago
USA" Bill McKibben, "Which does he hate more bikes or sharing?"
Australian Cyclists Party
Australian Cyclists Party3 days ago
SA: no cycleway is planned for North Terrace. Get writing and ringing your local rep asap!