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From March 1st, cyclists in NSW will need to carry photo ID and fines for certain offences will more than quadruple to $425 under the new laws introduced by NSW’s Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Duncan Gay.

Fines for cycling offences, currently set at the standard rate of $71, will be increased for not wearing a helmet (to $319), running a red light ($425), riding dangerously ($425), holding on to a moving vehicle ($319) and not stopping at a children’s or pedestrian crossing ($425). The fine for not having ID is $106. Changes on traffic light and pedestrian crossing offences bring fines for cyclists into line with those for car drivers.

Given that all media focus seems to be on the negative aspects of penalising cyclists such as the need to carry photo ID, running a red light, riding dangerously, The ACP thought we’d share the one positive aspect of the law which states that vehicles travelling less than 60km/h will need to give cyclists one metre’s room or pay a $319 fine and lose two demerit points. Those passing at more than 60km/h will need to give one and a half metres. And it’s here where we thought we could help!

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